Giving thanks for being a mom

Product of the Month

Mom Double Ring

Mom Double Ring

$ 110
  • Gold-plated Silver
  • Handmade
  • height: 0.55”
  • Model is wearing size 7


Have you noticed that WOW is MOM upside down? This is not only a ring; it is a trophy and a reminder of how awesome we moms are.


emme rings are handmade from the hands of a mom to the hands of another mom that is building a family, caressing a Boo-boo, and writing an email...all at the same time! Because we are 24/7 so our jewelry should be too.

About emme

Hi! I am Macy, and back in 2013 I was a young mom feeling lost and isolated. I was in need to change my course and an old pair of earrings help me started. Read more...