Pearls, Abuelas and me | emme

Pearls, Abuelas and me

Inspired by my Abuela's earrings and the transforming symbol that pearls have been in my life, this collection is my contemporary take on pearl acc...

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RED, RED, RED | emme


When I got married, I wore a handmade ivory dress. It had a delicate top on lace and a solid ballroom skirt that will barely touch the floor and th...

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My Abuela’s Earrings | emme

My Abuela’s Earrings

Back in 2013, I was the mom of a toddler and a preschooler. I had been an immigrant and ex-corporate women for almost two years. I was a stay-home-...

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Do you put yourself first? | emme

Do you put yourself first?

When I graduated from Architecture School, I weighted 95 lbs. When I resigned to my first full-time job, I was suffering from gastritis. By the tim...

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Today I say: Thank YOU! | emme

Today I say: Thank YOU!

A friend once told me that we should develop a career and also develop “ornamets”. By ornaments she meant other talents different from a profession...

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A list of “Thanks” | emme

A list of “Thanks”

Since I moved to The US, I have learned to say more thank you. I believe that American culture has an ingrained belief that a “Thank you” carries n...

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