Moms, time to take a break! - emme

Moms, time to take a break!

I’ve talked multiple times about the need for moms to take a break; you can read here and there about that. Mom Vacations shouldn’t be a luxury or ...

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What is an emme moment? - emme

What is an emme moment?

The moment I started waking up minutes before my kids and put effort into picking an outfit and wearing my Abuela's earrings, that moment my life c...

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Illiett Ojeda - emme

Illiett Ojeda

I've been drawn to Illiet's energy since the moment I met her. Illiett is a doer. She takes an idea and makes it happen. In 2020, she changed her l...

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Ashley Rodrigues - emme

Ashley Rodrigues

I met Ashley a couple of years ago through Miami Mom Collective. She was the mom of a little girl living in Miami back then. Through the years, I'v...

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I lost my patience again… - emme

I lost my patience again…

I was an unhappy, ungrateful, and impatient mom, and through jewelry and how it made me feel, I was able to reshape my days and transform my life. ...

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Latinas and Earrings - emme

Latinas and Earrings

If you were born a girl in Venezuela, you got pierced by the time you left the hospital. It’s such a common occurrence that I'd never thought much ...

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Cierra Bragan - emme

Cierra Bragan

 With the warmth that only a southern girl knows how to give, Cierra is a leader in Miami's mom community. Born in Alabama, this mom of three has a...

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