Anne Marie León

Anne Marie always has a sonrisa on her face. With a soft demeanor, she is forever on the look for the next great family adventure in Miami and its surroundings. Her background in communications and her work experience in marketing was the foundation to start “Miami con Hijos”. She shared with me her reinvention journey and useful advice for being a mompreneur.


M: What is "Miami con Hijos"?

Anne Marie: "Miami con Hijos" was born in March 2018 through an Instagram account. In a few months, it became a communication platform for families in South Florida with presence in social media, internet, print, radio, TV, and lately in empowerment events for entrepreneur moms.

My goal is to inspire the parent community with activities, places, and fun events that strengthen

family union and create memorable events.

M: Why do you decide to start this account?

Anne Marie: I'm Venezuelan, a journalist with an MBA, arrived in the U.S. five years ago. Like a lot of immigrants I had to reinvent myself, from working for years in Marketing at big companies in my country, I became a full-time mom for Santiago and Samantha. They were my inspiration to create "Miami con Hijos," an endeavor that allows me to mix my two passions: communication and my family.

M: Where do you see Miami con Hijos in 10 years?

Anne Marie: I want to continue impacting the parents' community, create valuable content for them. That is why I see "Miami con hijos" like a powerful media that will be present in different platforms, to speak to a bigger audience, and allow others to achieve their dreams.

M: How being a mom has influenced your work?

Anne Marie: Being a mom has impacted me in all senses. My schedule is determined according to my family, the events that I go to, the products that I sponsor, everything is according to my kids' wellbeing, and the kids from the moms in my community.

M: What advice do you have for other entrepreneur moms?

Anne Marie: I've been an entrepreneur mom for two years. My recommendation is to define your purpose clearly, that way it will be easier to set goals and the path to follow, it also allows to commend difficulties when you start a business and also regain the course in case you get lost. I also recommend to being patient and persistent, I celebrate my achievements quick, I answer calls and emails at first, but also to wait and make an effort for the goals that sometimes take longer, but they will lead us to the place that we dream of.


For more of Anne Marie and if you are on the look for family activities in Miami, follow @miamiconhijos on Instagram.

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