From burnout to a Mom Vacation, the title of my TED Talk

I just returned from the sixth mom vacation I’ve taken the last seven years. If you don’t know what a mom vacation is, read “Have you had a mom vacation?” first. Then come back here for more tips on how to plan the perfect adventure.

macy calderon mom vacation

Now, If you are an experienced mom and you already had a mom vacation, you are in the right place. I want to tell you what I learned in my last journey and that I’d wish you experience. As usual, the primary motivator for taking this trip was total and overwhelming burnout. After 16 months in a pandemic, taking care of everyone, and dealing with constant changes and uncertainty, I reached a limit. I’m not proud of my lack of self-care habits, but I’m thankful that I can recognize when I need a break.

So to Barcelona, I went

A trip to Barcelona has always been in my plans. This city has many checks on my geek list: architecture, art, good food, and urban life. However, as I always say, a mom vacation is not much about the destination as it is more about purpose. Since the primary purpose of this trip was to rest and clear my mind, this city felt like paradise. So I did a lot of what I like. I visited many buildings, I photographed countless facades, and I walked for many hours. Not for the liking of many I know! Nevertheless, there were some lessons in the planning and the experience that I think are worth sharing.

4 extra tips for your Mom Vacation

1. Go far away, mom! If you are as close as home, that one phone call can make you return; it’s not a mom vacation. Kids will always get sick, and questions about the routine and care will always arise when away. If you are too close or too available, you won’t be able to truly disconnect.

macy calderon mom vacation

2. Invite the perfect girlfriend. If you are lucky, you have friends from different backgrounds and experiences. My recommendation is to invite someone who thinks differently from you right now or lives something other than you. The contrast will open your mind to things that are happening outside your household.

3. Plan some days alone. This was the first time I spent some days by myself in decades, and it was so liberating. Silence makes us connect with our true selves and ask questions forgotten in our daily lives. Being alone also allows you to eat all the desserts without sharing, which I highly recommend!

macy calderon mom vacation

4. Take a nap, two naps, three naps… A childless friend told me I was crazy if I planned to sleep long one day in Barcelona. However, If you are a mom and you know what I’m talking about. I took one morning with nothing on schedule to sleep as long as my body needed, and it was AMAZING!

My partner told me last night that I lit up every time I talked about it since I returned. He even mentioned that it looked like I was giving a Ted Talk every time I repeated the story to another mom. That got me thinking,… hell yeah! This should be a Ted Talk topic! This should be a mainstream topic until every mom has the right to have a yearly mom vacation! What do you think? Would you help me spread the word?

Share this post with your mom friends or with that girlfriend you plan to take on your next adventure!

Can’t wait to hear your travel stories!


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I can see the spark on your face. And I think I qualify to be your next “perfect girlfriend”. I’m living a different life stage, I like good food and I love silence!

We all moms deserve this experience! Thank you for sharing.

Lina January 12, 2022

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