I had to unplug to plug the Christmas lights


This year I felt that December arrived and hit me like a big wave on a storm. I felt like my head was covered by water and I couldn’t breathe. While I was in the middle of this battle, I asked for advice, and instead of receiving a lifesaver to float I just got a chain and ball that made me sink faster for a while.

I’ve heard that the Holidays can be stressful for parents, but that had never been my experience. December has been usually a month to relax and get together with family and friends. However, this year everything changed. November and December are the most critical months in the retail calendar, and I started to feel the pressure of being building a business and raising a family at the same time.

Feeling that I was drowning, I look into social media for advice. (Not my smartest moment, I know!). I asked on Instagram: What do working moms do to balance their jobs and still get the holiday spirit? To my surprise, I got a lot of different answers, from turn on music to “drink” a special juice. However, the advice that felt like a ball and chain was: “You have to organize yourself.” 

(Deep breath) Are you kidding me?

I proud myself into being organized. I keep a calendar, I have an early morning routine, and I put everything on schedule. On my worst days, I still run a very organized household and family. So you will understand why the organization advice felt like a slap on my face. Was organization the root of my problem? After making the time to think about it, I can tell you: No, organization is not always the answer.

Even though organization has worked wonders into getting me in a productive rhythm and has helped my growth this year, it was not working, and I needed new tools. To find an answer I decided to unplug myself from the world for a couple of days to reconnect with the joy of the season. In my withdrawal I learned that:

  1. I can do small. As a conscious decision I bought a smaller Christmas tree, I bought fewer presents and decided to buy Santa’s cookies instead of baking them myself. I have to pick my battles and compromise in a smaller version of what it used to be.
  2. I can say no. I don’t want to miss anything, I want to be everywhere with everybody, but the reality is that it is the recipe to feel overwhelmed. I do not enjoy to have more than one gathering a day, so I have to miss the other three invitations that arrive after the first one.
  3. I can forgive myself. I tend to believe that I am what I do, so in this doing less and compromising, I started to feel like I was failing my family and my traditions. The truth is that that belief is only in my head and if I really want to growth I have to let go this way of thinking.

Sounds easy, or even common sense, but in this world full of noise and hyper-connection took me isolation to find my way back to my core and inner peace. I feel like I am floating on eggnog and ready to kiss under the mistletoe!

What about you Mom, are you on the holiday spirit already?



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Parece que es la primera vez de algo diferente para muchas. Este es el primer año en mis últimos 18 que trabajo en época de navidad. Y como sabía que esto iba a pasar lo que decidí hacer fue prepararme con anticipación, así que combine el tema de organización con el tema de hacer menos. Todas mis compras navideñas las hice en noviembre, las decoraciones navideñas se simplificaron y además inclui a la familia entera en ellas, ya mis hijos están en una edad en la que pude delegar responsabilidades en ellos como por ejemplo poner las luces y decorar el árbol. Así que he logrado estar presente en mi trabajo y además vivir el espíritu navideño en familia. Gracias Macy por compartir tus pensamientos, siempre me haces reflexionar con tus blogs

Lina December 27, 2018

Te cuento que me pasó igual… este es el primer año que decidí no hacer hallacas… las vamos a encargar y que no he puesto un pie en mall y que le di regalos en el colegio solo a las maestras de mis hijos … etc ….. doing less me ha funcionado … Miguel, Nano y David son la prioridad :-)

Heidell Baran December 20, 2018

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