New Year's Eve outfits to wait for the countdown like a WowMom

New Year's Eve is special, and it's a complete celebration in my family. I must say farewell to a year in which I laughed, cried, and learned valuable lessons. Preparing to welcome new opportunities to grow and create new memories in the upcoming year is now a tradition. 

As a Latin family, we have our rituals for that day. We wear yellow underwear… don't ask me why but yes, that happens. We fire a lot of fireworks; we eat 12 grapes at midnight for luck, and my favorite: we walk around the house with an empty suitcase to attract trips.

New years outfit

If you think that if we celebrate the new year at home and engage in that many traditions, we will be wearing comfy clothes, think again. The essential rule for New Year's Eve in my family is that no matter where you are, you dress up even if you stay in the sala of your tia all night. Because antes muerta que being a mess!


What should I wear on New Year's Eve?

I am still deciding on my plans for this end of the year, so I'm preplanning three outfits to be ready for whatever comes. This is what I found in my mom closet:

1. Jeans + Corset Top+ Paperclip Chain in Silver

New years outfit

This outfit has two advantages: the comfortable jeans and the corset which raises the stakes and turns this outfit into a bomb. This outfit has a rock glam vibe that I like. The Paperclip Chain has a striking chain design with a dramatic touch that stands out regardless of whether you use it on its own or with other chains. If we go to the beach to watch the fireworks or if we plan to spend the night on the streets, this is my choice. 

This new years outfit needs an accessory that's out of the ordinary, and the Paperclip Chain in Silver is ideal. It's a striking chain design with a dramatic touch that stands out regardless of whether you use it on its own or with other chains.

2. Mini Skirt + Silky Top + Olga Earrings

New years outfit

My second option is chic. This year I've worn mini skirts again. I thought it was an uncomfortable mom outfit for many years, but now that my kids have grown up, they are back! What I like the most about this outfit is that it is very versatile and can change quickly if you change the jewelry and the shoes. 

In this version, I paired it with Olga Earrings and high heel sandals, but it will also work with boots or flats. 

3. Shiny dress + Timeless XL Earrings 

New years outfit

If you talk with my best friends, they will tell you how much I've dreamed of being the main singer in a big band, not because I like to sing, but because I love bright sequined dresses. So what better opportunity than new years' eve to shine? A short shiny silver dress to dazzle and to dance. The perfect complement? The Timeless XL Earrings are perfect for parties!

I still can't decide what I'll use, but I want a new years outfit, A New Years' outfit that says: "welcome new year, I am a wowmom, and I'm ready for you."

What about you, do you already have yours?

New years outfit

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