Pearls, Abuelas and me - emme

Pearls, Abuelas and me

Inspired by my Abuela's earrings and the transforming symbol that pearls have been in my life, this collection is my contemporary take on pearl acc...

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Odalys Quevedo - emme

Odalys Quevedo

Odalys Quevedo is an online and social media written content expert. Almost two years ago, Odalys made the jump between being a stay-at-home mom to...

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Amaranta Martinez - emme

Amaranta Martinez

Amaranta is a mom with many talents. She is a visual artist that has shared her expertise in many creative projects and collaborations as murals, c...

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Anne Marie León - emme

Anne Marie León

Anne Marie always has a sonrisa on her face. With a soft demeanor, she is forever on the look for the next great family adventure in Miami and its ...

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Katy Taurel - emme

Katy Taurel

For the last twelve years Katy Taurel has dedicated her hands to transform the look of women. Katy is a talented artist that uses her knowledge  to...

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Camila Toro - emme

Camila Toro

Camila Toro is a young mom, an entrepreneur with the purpose to spread happiness in the world. In her store Happy Cami  she shares tools and produc...

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Erika Montero - emme

Erika Montero

Erika Montero is a lifelong learner, an avid mompreneur, and a skillful teacher. From her platform SoyCyberMujer, hundreds of Latin women had conqu...

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Have you had a Mom Vacation? - emme

Have you had a Mom Vacation?

If you have never heard about it, a mom-vacation is a yearly trip I take by myself, no kids, no partners, and even if I want with no company at all...

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