Today I say: Thank YOU! | emme

Today I say: Thank YOU!

A friend once told me that we should develop a career and also develop “ornamets”. By ornaments she meant other talents different from a profession...

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Carla Curiel | emme

Carla Curiel

Carla Curiel is not only a mighty mompreneur, but she is also a proud Latina and is in the journey to teach all our kids the beauties of her cultur...

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A list of “Thanks” | emme

A list of “Thanks”

Since I moved to The US, I have learned to say more thank you. I believe that American culture has an ingrained belief that a “Thank you” carries n...

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What I learned this summer | emme

What I learned this summer

Every Summer I have an internal struggle between the mom that I want to be and the one that I really am. I start every long vacation with the certa...

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Marta Gonzalez | emme

Marta Gonzalez

Marta Gonzalez is a daredevil Mom and a successful entrepeneur. A couple of months ago she made the decision to leave a reliable corporate job to f...

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My clown closet | emme

My clown closet

This month I turned 37, and I have to admit that I do not like that number at all! It is not as fun as 35, and it is dangerously close to 40 ... ye...

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Family Picture | emme

Family Picture

My children, on the other hand, have a gallery of approximately 20,000 photos. I am not exaggerating; there are 20,000 photos saved and cataloged i...

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Entrepreneur Mom | emme

Entrepreneur Mom

The idea of start a business came into my life as it comes to the life of many moms. We look for ways to balance our professional role and motherho...

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DYI Halloween | emme

DYI Halloween

Last year my husband and I, playing a little with the nostalgia of the similarity between Carnaval and Halloween decided to dress like El Chavo and...

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Weekend Suitcase | emme

Weekend Suitcase

Have you ever felt the need to take a vacation without your children? Since we are immigrants, my husband and I yearn for taking a few days off alo...

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The ideal swimsuit | emme

The ideal swimsuit

My favorite trick to choosing a swimsuit begins at home. I have a conversation with myself in the mirror before going shopping. An honest discussio...

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