The story of emme is a piece of my own story

Hello, I am Macy! A creative immigrant mom passionate about design, families and feminine power. I am the hands and heart behind emme.

Back in 2013 when I was in my early-30’s, I was the mom of a toddler and a preschooler. I had been an immigrant for  two years and had been out of the corporate world for almost three. I was a stay-home-mom with everything to succeed, but I was failing tremendously at it.



Every day at 5 pm I felt like the walls of my home started to close into me like a prison. By that time, I would begin my kid’s bath and dinner routine feeling like the most miserable and entrapped woman in the world. I was full of negative feelings, regrets, and complaints that were hurting my ability to be a loving mother to my children and a good partner to my husband.

I needed urgently to change my course… but my vision was blurred

One day organizing my closet, I found a pair of earrings that belonged to my Abuela Olga. They were a beautiful pair of big and bold green loops. When I picked them up in my hands I immediately remembered what she always said:



That day I decided to wear the earrings to pick up my kids from the daycare, and everyone had something sweet to say about them. The next day, I wore the same earrings with a pair of cute shoes that were also forgotten in my closet. The third day I wore the earrings, the shoes, and a girly dress and went out to sign up for an English conversation class...

I did not know at the time, but that was the start of a new me. Little by little I started to feel right about my day, and at the same time, the 5 pm nightmare begun to fade away

 A lot of self-discovery and emotional work have happened since then, but I still remember vividly the awakening moment that started with that pair of earrings. That small flame of empowerment started the course that helped me regain the energy to be a better me, a happy mom and a joyful partner.

The same empowering flame sparked emme

emme is dedicated to bringing joy and empowerment to the moms of the world. Here at emme, you will find jewelry that celebrates you and your power as a mother. I want you to wake up every morning, put your earrings and say: I got this!

At emme, you will also find a community to connect and be motivated by other moms like you. It is a simple equation = if you are happy + your kids are delighted = your family will thrive! And we will build a brighter tomorrow.


Some facts about me:

    • I was born and raised primarily in Venezuela but lived in different Latin American countries because of my dad's job.
    • I went to Architecture School and Management School when I was young. Then developed a career in Marketing while studying to be a Metalsmith at the same time.
    • I married the funniest geek in the world that later turned into the best dad ever!
    • I am the mom of Leman and Alicia, a pair of highly active, Lego builders and book lovers' kids.
    • We are addicted to Disney!
    • Miami is our home away home.


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This brand is all about moms like you! The most important part is that I want you to feel and be the best mom that you can be, and I am on a quest to connect and empower more amazing moms like you.

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